CampNWMI Assistant Teacher

NWMI is seeking assistant teachers to support the lead teachers for our two-week summer camp open to youth ages 3 to 16 years old.

Position Summary: 

The Assistant Teacher will support the Lead Teacher at camp through the implementation of the weekly lesson plan. The Assistant Teacher will be required to meet at least twice with the lead teacher prior to the start of camp to review the plans for the week and share preparatory responsibilities. The assistant teacher must also be qualified and willing to implement the lesson plan in case of emergencies, where the lead teacher cannot be present.

The assistant teacher is expected to be on-site for the duration of camp, arriving one hour prior to start time to prepare, and remaining on-site at the end of the camp day as needed to ensure quality care for campers, to clean up, and to prepare for the following day. 

The ideal candidate will have a positive attitude, be flexible, cooperative and willing to serve in any capacity needed at camp, as directed by the Lead Teacher. A strong relationship between the Lead Teacher, Assistant Teacher and Camp Director is vital to the success of the position. 

The Assistant Teacher reports to the Camp Director working in collaboration with the Lead Teacher. A stipend will be provided for the time on-site, however two meetings with the lead teacher prior to camp for coordination and delegation is expected as well. 


  • Experience working with youth.

Preference is given to candidates with:

  • Pediatric first aid training
  • Previous summer camp experience
  • Known member of the NWMI community


We believe that a high quality program will promote the long-term spiritual development of youth campers. We believe in creating a positive, supportive environment in which youth learn about Islam with meaning and relevance to their lives as American-Muslims. We believe in modeling Islamic values of patience, integrity, and respect for all. We are committed to making each camper feel valued and to motivating each camper to rise to his/her best self.