Community Lecture Series

" Lord, increase me in knowledge."
- Quran 20:114

The Community Lecture Series is a cornerstone of NWMI programming, and encompasses a wide variety of topical lectures, panels, workshops, and conversations that help the community connect with Allah (swt) as well as each other. These events typically feature a guest speaker invited to share a lecture on a topic of Islamic importance for the benefit of the community. Past programs include such topics as the life and teachings of Imam Ali (as) and Hazrat Fatima (as), community building among American Muslims, the Syrian refugee crisis, and many more. We will regularly be inviting speakers and panelists to present lectures and other informative sessions on topics affecting the American Muslim community today, as well as important aspects of Islam and developing a deeper connection to one another and the Divine.

During the lecture, a separate children’s program imparts the evening’s topic through engaging and developmentally appropriate activities. We follow the food for thought with a potluck dinner to strengthen old bonds while building new ones across our community.

Please check our Upcoming Events page for information on this month’s community lecture.