An Opportunity Comes Knocking

An old proverb says that four things don’t come back: the spoken word, the sped arrow, the past life, and the neglected opportunity. 

Eight years ago, NWMI embarked on an exciting journey to serve the American Muslim community in the Washington, DC area. Our beginnings were humble. We held programs in individuals’ homes, rented small spaces in a local hotel, and bigger spaces in community centers.  As the NWMI community grew, programs also grew, but our temporary spaces seemed to shrink. The vision of a permanent home was never far from our minds, but it remained only a vision. Until now. 

NWMI has been blessed with an exciting opportunity, but we need your help to bring it to fruition. NWMI has put a contract for a 3+ acre lot to build the future NWMI Center. Many community members have made donations to make this possible. We have raised $900,000, but we still need $500,000 more to secure this property.

Location, Location, Location

The property we are trying to buy is located within a few miles from the beltway near the Potomac River. This is a central location for the NWMI community, whose members come from every direction of Virginia, Maryland, and DC. The expansive flat lawn can hold over a thousand people for Eid salat, as well as camps, retreats, and community gatherings.

NWMI eventually wants to build a center on this property that will be the home for our diverse community. We envision a structure that includes several meeting spaces, a gymnasium, children’s facilities, and a hall for Eid salat and community gatherings as well as weddings and other events. 

Your donation can help make this vision a reality! This can only happen with YOUR help! We need every single community member to become a NWMI advocate. If you have benefitted from NWMI programs and want to help this dream manifest-- we need every single person's participation! Please share this widely with everyone you know! Only YOU can make the difference for your community!

May Allah reward your generosity many times over.

With Gratitude,

Mariam Mokhtarzada
Executive Director and Co-Founder

Board of Trustees:
Tannaz Haddadi, President and Co-Founder
Hasan Amiri, Co-Founder
Basil Eldadah, Secretary and Co-Founder
Aliakbar Esfahani
Zeki Mokhtarzada, Treasurer and Co-Founder