Our Team

Mariam Watson Mokhtarzada

Mariam is a co-founder of NWMI. She has served in leadership positions in for-profit and non-profit organizations, striving to help them reach their potential. She has a M.S. in Organization Development from American University.

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Ambereen Husain

Ambereen joined NWMI in 2017 first as a volunteer, then as a Program Coordinator, and now as Head of Operations! Her work focuses on the logistics and scheduling or NWMI programs, as well as a lot of behind the scene work to ensure the success of NWMI events. A Chicago native, and a transplant to the DMV, she craved for a community that valued inclusiveness of all Muslims, as well as a place where her young family could feel supported and grow to be the next generation of Muslim American leaders. 

When she is not busy working, Ambereen is an avid amateur chef & baker, enjoys traveling, co-oping at her son's school, as well as spending time with friends and family. 

Mona Rahnama Eldadah

Mona brainstorms with volunteers to design programs for NWMI, based on the community’s needs and interests. She is one of NWMI’s co-founders who seeks a loving community focused on Allah (swt) to raise her four kids.

Hayya Shah

Hayya oversees program logistics and manages several programs, assisting with internal and external operations.  She studied Islamic theology in Qom, Iran (1999-2009), with a concentration in Islamic law, philosophy, mysticism, and Quranic recitation.

Fatima Showkatian

Fatima oversees the logistics and relationships necessary to bring successful NWMI programming to life! She is an event planner and project manager by trade with years of experience planning, driving and executing logistics for major events of all kinds.

Maryam Jelvani

Maryam recruits volunteers for NWMI programming and matches them to programs according to their interests and skills.  Maryam joined the NWMI community in 2011 and has been involved in past roles such as website and social media maintenance and current roles such as program management and volunteer coordination.

She is currently a full-time mom to a toddler but also works part-time as a medical Speech-Language Pathologist. She loves traveling, photography, sports and exercise, reading and spending quality time with loved ones.   

Marie Howe

Marie strives to create a website which is functional, beautiful, and represents NWMI's values and goals. Last Ramadan she helped facilitate NWMI's Convert Connections program and she looks forward to working on future interfaith initiatives.

Nadia Hashimee

Nadia joined NWMI as a program manager because of her passion to build a community that is inclusive, progressive and serves the  needs of the next generation. Her programs include workshops on parenting and creating peaceful families.

Sean Hopkins

Sean oversees internal and external communications strategies for NWMI, including our web content, mailing list information, social media, and program communication. Sean's background is in writing, editing, multimedia and communication strategy.


Solat Zaidi

Solat is an energizing member of the NWMI Team.  As  one of NWMI’s program coordinators, Solat’s responsibilities include organizing, planning, and executing a broad range of community activities and projects across the NWMI community.  Most recently, Solat has aided in the planning and organization of NWMI’s successful Welcome Ramadan program and our most recent Eid Festival.  She has her Masters in Biotechnology from Georgetown University and an Undergraduate degree in Psychology. When Solat isn’t doing her best to help the community she is a working mom of 3 (4 if you include her husband), enjoys travelling and being a foodie. Solat is originally from London, UK and has a weakness for British chocolate and cheese and onion flavored crisps (not chips)! 

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Maryam Paryavi

Maryam is passionate about giving to a community that she feels to be home. The nature of NWMI and its values emphasizes inclusiveness and unity among all Muslims, which resonates with Maryam, and therefore she decided that it was the perfect place for her to be. Maryam began her role as a member of the event planning team after being recruited at a NWMI volunteer meeting, and also began to manage NWMI’s website needs.

Finding the time to pursue her interests and explore different career paths before continuing with school, Maryam made the decision to join NWMI as more than just a community member. As a first-generation American Muslim, Maryam sees her work for NWMI as a great source of investment in her own future and the future of other Muslims in the region.