Monthly Quran Study Circle

Through study of the Quran and shared discourse, we as a community can grow closer to understanding its teachings and importance in our everyday lives.

Interested in studying the Quran’s meaning through shared discussion and reflection? Join NWMI’s monthly Quran Circle as we develop our relationship with the Quran through a systematic study of its verses and their interpretations. All are welcome to participate, including youth — the only prerequisite is an open mind and heart.

Quran Circles take place at 7pm on the second Friday of every month. Visit our Events page to find the next one.

download Discussion Ayahs

January 2019: Adam (a.s.)

December 2018: Mariam (a.s.)

November 2018: Prophet Musa (a.s.)

October 2018: Prophet Suleiman (a.s.)

August 2018: Prophet Ibrahim (a.s.)

June 2018: Rahma (Mercy)

May 2018: Taqwa

April 2018: Patience

March 2018: Leadership

February 2018: Love

January 2018: Gratitude

December 2017: Prophet Muhammad (saws)

November 2017: Racial Plurality

October 2017: Truth to Power

September 2017: Social Justice

August 2017: Hajj

May 2017: Fasting


...[This is] a Book which We have revealed to you, that you might bring mankind out of darkness into the light...

Quran 14:1