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CampNWMI, our popular summer youth camp, is back for one exciting, fun-filled week you won't want to miss! 

An unforgettable camp experience awaits youth ages 3 to 14. Each day is filled with engaging, age-appropriate games and activities that nurture Islamic identity, foster peer relationships, and teach Islamic ethics the way youth like most: experiential fun!

In addition to their daily activities and congregational prayer, siblings and friends will reunite each day for camp-wide sports and active outdoor play (including water balloons!). Watermelon or popsicle snacks will be provided. We will wrap up a week of camp with a trip to Zava Zone, an indoor adventure and trampoline park, returning in time for Friday prayer.

We are proud to engage the youth of our community in a meaningful way, fostering strong bonds and building memories that will last a lifetime! Please see below for camp logistics, CampNWMI’s philosophy, an introduction to our stellar teaching team, the answers to frequently asked questions, and the registration link.




Wednesday Wacky Olympics

Friday Zava Zone



Monday, June 24 — Friday, June 28



$250 per child

$25 Before-Care



Camp: 9:00am to 3:30pm

Before-Care: 8:30am to 9:00am



Bethesda, Maryland

For security, the address will be emailed to you after registration is complete.



+ How are campers placed into a class?

All classes are co-ed. Campers are divided into classes based on the following age groups:

3-4 years old (nap encouraged)
4-5 years old (rest time, but no nap)
6-7 years old
8-9 years old
10-11 years old
12-14 years old

+ Will my child be with her younger or older sibling/friend?

Campers are divided into classes based on age. This year we have planned additional daily camp-wide activities to allow friends and family divided by class lines to be together. Teachers of consecutive ages may also collaborate for certain activities, such as charity projects or outdoor sports. That said, we try to accommodate special requests for campers to be together with their friends and family when possible.

+ What are camp-wide activities?

Camp-wide activities are just that – activities in which campers ages 6 to 14 will participate. Camp-wide activities include congregational prayer (Salat-ul-Dhuhr) in addition to our day-end tradition: a snack and outdoor sports time. Before-care will also be comprised of multiple age groups.

So that our youngest campers (ages 3 to 5) are not overwhelmed with the enthusiasm and energy of their older peers, it is at the teacher’s discretion to have the youngest ones participate when appropriate.

+ What is the program for 3-5 year-olds?

The 3-4 year-olds will be in one class with a daily schedule that includes naptime. There is a separate class for the 4-5-year-olds, with a daily schedule that includes quiet rest time but no naptime. Both classes will do similar activities: indoor free play (the venue is replete with natural playthings that stimulate creativity), circle time with Islamic themed finger plays and simple songs, daily crafts (cutting, gluing, painting, etc.), outdoor play (sometimes with water play and popsicles), lunch, and a visit as quiet observers each day at congregational prayer where they learn a bit about prayer etiquette through the modeling of teachers and older camp participants. A daily snack is provided.

+ What is the camper-to-teacher ratio?

In the youngest age group (ages 3 to 5), the ratio is one adult per six children. In the older age classes, it is typically one adult per eight to nine children. Each classroom will have one lead teacher and one assistant teacher, as well as floating teen counselors for extra support.

+ Is Camp NWMI a continuation of Camp Ramadan?

Yes! With Ramadan moving further into the school year, it was impossible to host camp during the holy month. Although we will miss sharing the blessings of fasting, hosting a camp without fasting has great advantages too! The kids can bond through the joys of summer, with much water play, outdoor sports, watermelon, and popsicles.

+ Can I volunteer at camp?

Yes, absolutely! Your support only helps to make camp more successful and there are many ways to get involved. To gain blessings through service by being part of the Camp Team, please fill out a volunteer form here.

+ What should my child bring to camp?

Each day, campers should arrive with a backpack filled with a sunhat (we will play outside!), an extra set of clothes (if change is needed after art projects or water play), a nut-free lunch (with the exception of Friday, where pizza will be provided), and a water bottle.

+ What food will be provided?

Monday through Thursday, a snack of watermelon and/or popsicles will be offered during outdoor game time at the end of the day. Friday will be a celebratory day with pizza, popcorn, and snow cones provided.

+ Is technology (cell phones, tablets, etc.) allowed at camp?

Devices such as cell phones, laptops, iPads, iPods, mp3 players, etc., will be allowed only if campers need to communicate with their parents. To ensure campers are fully engaged in their activities and to ensure their valuables stay safe, we ask that electronic devices be left at home when possible. If not, we ask that all such devices are tucked away during camp hours.

+ What happens at before-care?

To help accommodate working parents, we offer an early drop-off program, during which campers will play on the playground and connect with their peers outside of official camp hours. Sports balls, jump ropes, sidewalk chalk, sand pit, and supervision will be provided.

Children enrolled in before-care can be dropped off beginning at 8:30am. To ensure high-quality care, parents must sign in their child at the foyer of the school each morning. A teen volunteer will then escort the child to the before-care program on the playground.

+ How early can I drop my child off at camp?

If a camper is not enrolled in the official before-care program, they may be signed into camp at 8:55am. Teen volunteers will escort campers to their classrooms. If desired, parents are permitted to escort their own children to the classroom on the first day to meet their child’s teacher. They are also welcome on subsequent days if their young child is having a difficult time separating. We want all participants to enjoy their camp experience, and if that includes more parental time, we are happy to accommodate.

+ What is your refund policy?

Full refunds will be offered up to 30 days prior to the first date of camp, making May 24, 2019, the last day refunds will be issued. For extenuating circumstances, such as complications with health or safety, please contact the Camp Director at

+ Are scholarships available?

Yes, a fee reduction is available based on need. To inquire, please contact the Camp Director, Mona Eldadah, at

Still have questions? Contact the Camp Director, Mona Eldadah.

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As founder and Director of CampNWMI, Mona is committed to hiring highly-qualified teachers and collaboratively establishing an Islamic ethics-based curriculum that engages youth and imprints positive, lasting memories. Mona’s Waldorf training has informed her work as a home-schooling mother and Sunday School teacher for nearly two decades. She is also a co-founder of NWMI and serves in several capacities beyond CampNWMI.


Ensi is currently the principal of Islamic Community School in Manassas, VA. She studied Early Childhood Development and for the past 14 years she has worked in elementary schools while simultaneously home schooling her three children. Summer 2019 will mark her third year on the CampNWMI teaching team. Ensi is responsible, centered and brings strong Islamic ethics to the camp curricula.
Sabera Husain  is the Executive Director of Al Hadi Learning Organization, which provides quality education for students ages 2 years and up. She has a Bachelors degree in elementary education and a Masters degree in Teaching & Curriculum. Having taught for the past 14 years in various educational settings, Sabera enjoys fostering the love of Islam in young Muslim children and cultivating lifelong learners.


Sabera is the Executive Director of Al Hadi Learning Organization, which provides quality education for students ages 2 years and up. She has a Bachelors degree in elementary education and a Masters degree in Teaching & Curriculum. Having taught for the past 14 years in various educational settings, Sabera enjoys fostering the love of Islam in young Muslim children and cultivating lifelong learners.


Almira is a teacher by profession who holds a Bachelors degree in Elementary and Special Education, and a Masters degree in Childhood Literacy. She has taught for the past 5 years at Al Fatih Academy and currently serves on Team NWMI as a manager of youth programs. Summer 2019 will mark Almira’s third year as a lead teacher at CampNWMI. Almira is joyful and fun loving and adores working with Muslim youth.


Alexa has been Lead Teacher of the early childhood class at CampNWMI since our first year in 2014. She is a former French teacher at Sidwell Friends School and a former home schooler of her 4 children during their early childhood years. She currently works with KindWorks, a local non-profit organization, where she helps furnish homes for refugees and families moving out of homelessness. Alexa is creative, passionate, and serves as an endless sea of wisdom to new parents.


At CampNMWI, talented professionals often share their expertise and inspire the youth. Meet some of our past guest instructors below.


Pediatrician and best-selling author


Popular Islamic children’s book author


Visual artist and art educator


Professional photographer and educator


Professional craftsman and Arabic calligrapher

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Space is limited. Reserve your spot today!


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Whether you’re a young adult eager to impact the next generation of American Muslims, a parent wanting to lend a hand to make Camp NWMI better than ever, or a teen looking for a meaningful way to satisfy your Student Service Learning (SSL) requirement — we have a place for you at CampNWMI!

Please fill out the volunteer form indicating your availability and preferences so we can find a fulfilling role for you.




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