Community Lecture Series

 " Lord, increase me in knowledge."

- Quran 20:114

The Community Lecture Series is a cornerstone of NWMI programming, and encompasses a wide variety of topical lectures, panels, workshops, and conversations that help the community connect with Allah (swt) as well as each other. These events typically feature a guest speaker invited to share a lecture on a topic of Islamic importance for the benefit of the community. Past programs include such topics as the life and teachings of Imam Ali (as) and Hazrat Fatima (as), community building among American Muslims, the Syrian refugee crisis, and many more. We will regularly be inviting speakers and panelists to present lectures and other informative sessions on topics affecting the American Muslim community today, as well as important aspects of Islam and developing a deeper connection to one another and the Divine.

During the lecture, a separate children’s program imparts the evening’s topic through engaging and developmentally appropriate activities. We follow the food for thought with a potluck dinner to strengthen old bonds while building new ones across our community.

Please check our Upcoming Events page for information on this month’s community lecture.


Life Series

NWMI's Life Series is a unique opportunity to explore life's greatest challenges and opportunities, and to learn from and share experience with fellow community members. These events feature one or more speakers from our community who offer insight into many of life's significant events and advice for those in attendance. These are interactive conversations designed to spur community bonding and advice sharing, and we encourage you to come prepared with questions and to share your own experience. The Life Series has covered topics such as marriage, parenting, education, and choosing a career.


Illumination of the Hearts

"So remember Me, I will remember you..."

- Quran 2:152

This series of special remembrance (dhikr) sessions serve as a way to practice connecting your heart to the Divine. These sessions include basic remembrance practice followed by specific supplications (du’as) for the current month. These events have also contained discussions regarding the 99 divine qualities or attributes of Allah (swt), and short sessions on intention setting.

See our Resources page for program material.


Qur’an Circle

“...[This is] a Book which We have revealed to you, that you might bring mankind out of darkness into the light…”

- Quran 14:1

Through study of the Quran and shared discourse, we as a community can grow closer to understanding its teachings and importance in our everyday lives. Are you interested in studying the Quran’s meaning through shared discussion and reflection? If so, please join us for NWMI’s monthly Quran Study Circle, an opportunity to develop our relationship with the Quran through a systematic study of its verses and their interpretations. All are welcome to participate, including youth — the only prerequisite is an open mind and heart.


Community Service

“And they feed, for the love of Allah, the indigent, the orphan, and the captive.”

- Quran 76:8

The Quran teaches us the importance of helping those in need, whether it be through the sharing of time spent together, or the sharing of resources. Join us in these crucial events to help NWMI help those who need it most in the Washington metropolitan area. These events are typically focused around packaging meals or other necessities for the homeless and underserved in our community. We invite you to join us in sourcing, organizing, packaging, and distributing meals, blankets, toiletries, clothing, and more, so that we may grow as a community and serve our Ummah as a whole.


Family Adventures

NWMI hosts a variety of seasonal activities that the whole family can enjoy, like winter snow tubing and summer camping. These activities are intended to encourage family and community bonding while promoting reverence for Allah's Great Outdoors.


Islamic Calligraphy

The skill of Islamic calligraphy is taught from teacher (a master calligrapher) to student. The student studies for many years under their teacher until they are given 'ijaza' (permission) to then become a teacher him/herself. In the United States there are very few calligraphers who have devoted their entire career to this craft and carry this distinction. For that reason, for two years we have brought professional calligrapher Khalid Casado from Spain to give American Muslims a taste of this sacred art form. Khalid offers beginners classes for adults and older teens, and all supplies (including pens he carves himself from bamboo) are provided for participants. Khalid's devotion to the perfection of each letter form is truly a blessing to behold, mashaAllah.


Fireside Picnics

These potluck events are a fantastic way to bond with community members while enjoying the outdoors during the warmer months. Join us as we share relevant topics to our community, s'mores, and prayer in congregation under the stars. One popular example in this series is the Welcoming Ramadan Fireside Picnic, an opportunity to celebrate the start of this most blessed month together. Fireside Picnics typically begin and end with dua'a and will include Maghrib prayer in congregation, as well as thoughtful discussion and discourse.

See our Resources page for program material.



NWMI invites Muslims ages 3 to 14 to CampNWMI, a unique annual experience for our youth. Two consecutive weeks of camp typically involve six hours of age-appropriate activities that help nurture Islamic identity through fostering of peer relationships, daily prayer in congregation, and learning Islamic ethics in a way that youth like most: experiential fun!! Join us in engaging the youth of our community in a meaningful way, fostering the spiritual and personal growth of the next generation!



Each year during the holy month of Ramadan, NWMI offers a wide variety of programs centered around strengthening community fellowship, spiritual growth in the path of Allah, and fun activities for families and children of all ages. Check out NWMI's Ramadan 2018 program calendar!


Eid Prayers

Each year on Eid-al-Fitr and Eid-al-Adha, NWMI provides Eid salat, a khutba (sermon) in English, and post-salat games and activities for children of all ages. These programs offer our community an opportunity to partake in religious services while promoting community bonds.

NWMI uses physical sighting of the moon according to the Common Night criteria to determine the start of Eid-al-Fitr. See our Moonsighting page for a description of the various methods used to determine the start of the lunar month and NWMI's rationale for using the Common Night method.

A description of how NWMI performs Eid salat can be found here.