NWMI performs Eid salat based on the Ja'fari school of thought. Eid salat is comprised of 2 rak'as and proceeds similarly to Fajr salat with several exceptions. The following describes the procedure for conducting Eid salat:

  • Salat should be performed after sunrise but before Dhuhr salat.

  • There is no adhan or iqama; instead, "as-salat" is called 3 times to signal its start

  • The intention is for "salat-al-Eid"

  • In the 1st rak'a, after reading al-Fatiha it is customary to read A'la (#87) or Shams (#91)

  • Takbir (calling 'Allahu akbar') occurs 5 times, with recitation of a qunoot (see below) after each takbir.

  • After a 6th takbir, the 1st rak'a proceeds as usual.

  • In the 2nd rak'a, after reading al-Fatiha it is customary to read Shams or Ghashiya (#88)

  • Takbir occurs 4 times, with recitation of a qunoot after each takbir

  • After a 5th takbir, the 2nd rak'a proceeds as usual to the end

  • Following the end of salat, a sermon (khutba) is delivered in 2 parts when in congregation

Click here to download and/or print a copy of the customary qunoot in Arabic with English transliteration and translation, as seen below.