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Quran Circle

  • Jane E Lawton Community Center 4301 Willow Lane Chevy Chase, MD 20815 (map)

Join NWMI’s signature Quran Circle with programs for six different age groups — from one-year-olds to adults.

These sessions are open to anyone interested in developing their personal relationship with the Quran. No prior preparation is necessary, and everyone is welcome!

The younger children's Quran Circles are designed to actively engage participants through storytelling, hands-on activities, and crafts. There will also be a parent-child circle designed for parents and children under four. Pizza will be available at 6:45 p.m. for children prior to their Quran Circle.

We look forward to seeing you there! See below for this month’s discussion topic.


Ayahs: Prophet Nuh (a.s.)


  1. How do you make meaning of ayah 11:31?

  2. What does the “oven” in 11:40 mean?

  3. What does “coursing and mooring” in 11:41 mean? What do these words evoke?

  4. Ayat 11:42-44 contain references to mountains – figurative and real. How do these ayat impact you? What messages do they convey?

  5. In 11:45-46, Nuh (as) seems to be rebuked by Allah (swt). What is the lesson(s) in this exchange?

  6. In 71:26, Nuh (as) asks Allah (swt) to destroy all disbelievers. What is the context here? What other prophets have prayed for a similar fate for their own people?

  7. There is a bit of a pattern in the Quran of Allah (swt) sending a man of that people to exhort them to believe in Him, then the people denying the legitimacy of this prophet, disbelieving the message, and then suffering a punishment. In what ways does the story of Nuh (as) comport with this pattern and where does it deviate?

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